The saga continues…

People of the Rex!

Apologies for the radio silence. We’ve been chasing our girl high and low as she rides the post-Olympic Rollercoaster. Here’s a brief catchup. Gold Medal in hand, Claressa returned to Flint in August, a true champion. Hundreds of Flintstones waited at the airport to see her in the post-Olympic flesh. Media followed her every move, friends hugged and hi-5ed and family beamed triumphantly. The next week she started her senior year of High School. With that, the pace of her post-Gold life was set. It’s been this incredible back-and-forth between high school teenager and celebrity athlete. Monday is school and then the gym. Tuesday on the Colbert Report. Wednesday she’s at Driver Training class. Thursday it’s an ESPN interview. And Friday she’s hanging out with her friends at the mall. The life of a phenom celebrity teenage female athlete. But boxing is always at the center. Earlier this month, she was back in the ring absolutely demolishing at the PAL tournament in Toledo. And then back to Northwestern Academy, catching up on homework. It’s hard to put it all into perspective. It’s been a wild magical ride. As winter in Michigan begins and we head closer to a long winter/spring of post-production, we’ll keep you all updated on our doings. Until then…

On a side note, California is a place, the side project of Drea and Zack just launched their latest film. A Halloween special starring a costumed friend. Take a peak…

Onwards and Upwards!

Team Rex

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