T-Rex the film is fully funded. T-Rex the boxer steps into the Ring.

Ladies and gentlemen of Team T-Rex: First off, we are totally and fully funded. Yes!!!!! It’s over and it’s great and we can’t stop hi-5ing and hugging in celebration. Words do not suffice. Your support and more support and then extra support and then a sprinkle more of support has seriously been inspiring. So for the 500th time in 25 days, we thank you. We could not make this film without you. And we will continue to update you all as our production moves forward. Now all we have to do is make a film. Ha!!

Secondly, today is the big day. Claressa steps into the Olympic Ring at 3:30pm GMT in London. 10:30am in New York. 7:30am in California. The only way to watch live is on the World Wide Web. If you’re in London, it’s BBC online and it’s free. If you’re in the States, It’s NBC online and it’s free but you’ll need to login based on your cable provider. Whatever you’re doing at that time, stop doing it. For 20 minutes we expect everyone of you to scream and shout and root root root for Claressa as she puts it all on the line.

All the best to you and yours. Enjoy the fights!

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